Citrus Summer Food



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Citrus Summer Food Boosts growth, helps prevent fruit drop and premature ripening of immature fruits. Helps prevents leaf discolouration. Change to  Winter Citrus Feed when clocks go back in the autumn and change back to Summer Feed when the clocks go forward in the spring. Citrus Winter & Summer Feeds A balanced formula for sustained winter activity including fruit ripening. Helps prevents leaf discolouration and leaf fall. Change to Summer Citrus Feed when clocks go forward in the spring and change back to Winter Feed when the clocks go back in the autumn.

Analysis NPK Fertilizer 28-14-14 Containing Trace Elements
Nitrogen (n) 28.0%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (p2o5) Soluble In Neutral Ammonium Citrate And In Water 14.0% (p6.2%)
Phosphoros Pentoxide (p2o5) Soluble In Water 14.0% (p6.2%)
Potassium Oxide (k20) Soluble In Water 14.0% (k11.6%)
Magnesium Oxide (mgo) 0.1% (mg0.06%)

Trace Elements (*chelated By EDTA)
Boron* (b) 0.01%
Copper* (cu) 0.02%
Iron* (fe) 0.04%
Manganese* (mn) 0.02%
Molybdenum (mo) 0.0002%
Zinc* (zn) 0.007%

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