Orchid Growth Formula







Orchid Growth Formula NPK (9-3-3) The feeds are ideal for all orchid species and gives total flexibility to feeding these wonderful plants. Use the feeds the commerical growers use, with added chelated trace elements.

Analysis NPK Fertilizer 9-3-3 + Magnesium & Trace Elements
Nitrogen (n) 9.0%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (p2o5)
Soluble In Neutral Ammonium
Citrate And In Water 3.0% (p1.3%)
Phosphorus Pentoxide (p2o5)
Soluble In Water 3.0% (p1.3%)
Potassium Oxide (k20)
Soluble In Water 3.0% (k1.3%)
Magnesium Oxide (mgo)
Soluble In Water 1.0% (mg0.6%)

Trace Elements Soluble In Water
Boron (b) 0.01%
Copper (cu)* 0.015%
Iron (fe)* 0.035%
Manganese (mn)* 0.015%
Molybdenum (mo) 0.001%
Zinc (zn) 0.005%
*chelated By EDTA

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