Rose Food







Special double strength Tonks original soluble formula for better, more colourful blooms. Garden Direct Rose Food is formulated to give strong colour and dark foliage to your roses. It has a high Potash formula with a very high Magnesium and Iron content for the very best blooms.  Early Season:  experts like to wake up dormant plants at the first signs of growth after Winter and use Garden Direct High Nitrogen for the first feed to get plants off to a quick start.  Two applications are recommended.

Other Uses:  Rose Food is an excellent feed for strawberries and soft fruit.

Analysis NPK Fertilizer 13-13-26
Nitrogen (n) 13.0%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen 5.4%
Nitric Nitrogen 7.6%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (p2o5)
Soluble In Neutral Ammonium
Citrate And In Water 13.0% (p5.7%)
Phosphorus Pentoxide (p2o5)
Soluble In Water 13.0% (p5.7%)
Potassium Oxide (k20)
Soluble In Water 26.0% (k21.6%)
Magnesium Oxide (mgo)
Soluble In Water 2.0% (mg1.2%)
Sulphur Trioxide (so3)
Soluble In Water 12.5% (s5.0%)

Trace Elements (*chelated By EDTA)
Boron* (b) 0.01%
Copper* (cu) 0.02%
Iron* (fe) 0.04%
Manganese* (mn) 0.02%
Molybdenum (mo) 0.0002%
Zinc* (zn) 0.007%

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