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All purpose Base & Top Dressing can be used at all times anywhere in the garden and greenhouse. A combined quick and slow release product developed for the exhibitor and specialist. Use for lawns and as a Spring dressing. Garden Direct B.T.D. (Base & Top Dressing) is an example of the new modern allpurpose products, used as a compost base, spring base dressing for all plants and top

dressing throughout the Summer months. Its analysis, N.P.K. 6-8-10 plus trace elements, approximates to the old J.I.Base formula. A distinct improvement from this is achieved by having four distinct phases of nitrogen release providing a steady flow of this most important of plant foods. The balanced formula is achieved by adequate supplies of phosphates and potash.

Garden Direct B.T.D. can be used for most aspects of plant nutritionng on beds and borders to give your plants the best possible boost. Used as a J. I. base too. 


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