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NPK 12-61-0 A pure chemical salt containing 12% nitrogen and 61% soluble phosphates, this is primarily used as a component in soluble N.P.K. preparation. It is becoming increasingly used by exhibitors of most flowering plants like chrysanthemums, begonias and geraniums to increase flower size and quality. The general rate of use is 1oz. to 4-6 gallons of water. The pH of the solution is mildly acidic which allows it to be rapidly taken up by the plant.

Used by exhibitors of flowering plants like chrysanths, begonias and geranium to increase size and quality. Soluble feed for supplying Nitrogen and Phosphates commonly used in liquid feeds,

Nitrogen (N) 12% Phosphoric Acid(P2O5) 61% (P 26.6%) soluble in water 61% (P26.6%)

Rate of application: 25gms per 20 Litres

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