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N 26% This is the brand name of an I.C.I. product accepted as a standard, it is also known under other trade names. It is produced from lime and ammonium nitrate, which is somewhat unkindly called “Billingham mud”. The finished product is an easy and pleasant to handle pellet containing 26% nitrogen, half in the ammonical form and half as nitrate, which has nitrogen immediately available and some in reserve. It is used as general Spring/Summer feed to enhance growth and is most suitable for brassica having plenty of calcium as well as available nitrogen.  Ideal for Spring/Summer feed. Extra useful for brassicas which enjoy the calcium it contains.

Nitro Chalk a popular early season and is readily available as it contains half its NITROGEN as NITRATE.  Especially useful for brassicas.  Easy to handle pellet.  Ideal Spring/Summer Feed.
Rate of Application:- Apply 50gms per square metre.  Also called Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Nitrogen (N)         26%

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