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N 38% Chemically this is urea formaldehyde - The nitrogen content is 38%, produced by chemical reaction with a formaldehyde type product under highly controlled conditions. Nitroform is a small granule with a size of 2-3mm. to dust which is quite unique in that it has a three stage release yielding soluble nitrogen over a 6 month period, making it most suitable for use in composts where it replaces hoof & horn meal. Containing 38%N, only one third the weight is needed to give the same amount of nitrogen. The release is controlled by temperature, and as this increases, more nitrogen is liberated, so for most plants nitroform will provide six months of this most important of plant foods. Nitroform can be used almost anywhere, rose beds, borders, all ericaceous subjects,heathers, conifers, lawns, vegetable plots, etc. etc., where one application a year will be sufficient. Its main use is with exhibition growers and will provide a background of nitrogen for the whole season and, therefore, is favoured by the chrysanthemum, dahlia, leek and onion grower etc., particularly on a “hungry soil”! Rate of use is 20 to 50 gms oz./sq.m. Do not add to Garden Direct composts made with Garden Direct Bases, as it is already present

Nitroform has a three-stage release, yielding soluble nitrogen over a six-month period. One application a year is all that is required. It is used in potting composts and as a base dressing for roses, cucumbers, carnations, chrysanths, tomatoes, vegetables, etc.  Also used as a top dressing for lawns, trees and shubs.  Very good on 'hungry' soils favoured by show growers.

Rate of Application:-  

Seed Compost    12gms. per bushel (36 lt)
Potting Compost    50gms per bushel (36 lt)
Base Dressing    50gms per sq. mt
Top Dressing        25gms per sq. mt.

38% Nitrogen

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