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Cures and prevents iron deficiencies in the soil pH less than 6.5 (Fe EDTA)

Librel Fe-Lo (PH 6.5) Micronutrient fertiliser for use in agriculture and in horticulture as a foliar feed, in hydroponics or in soil application. A soluble powder formulation of Ferric ethylenediamine tetraacetate sodium salt (FeEDTA) containing:

Iron (Fe) water soluble: 13.2% w/w Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA (EN 13366): 12.5% w/w pH stability range: 4 – 9 (in aqueous solution)

To be used only where there is a recognised need. Do not exceed the appropriate dose rates.

General Information
Librel chelates gives best results when crops have adequate supplies of water and major nutrients and are not under stress for any other reason. Conditions which are responsible for one particular deficiency can also induce deficiencies of other micronutrients. Always ensure that deficiencies are confirmed before treatment is carried out. Never exceed the recommended application rate.

Mixing with Water
Simply add the powder to the water while it is being agitated, do not pre-mix. Continue agitation for a short while to ensure complete dissolution.

Librel chelates are compatible with each other and many crop protection chemicals. They are also fully compatible with solutions containing phosphates such as liquid feeds and foliar fertilisers. For further information please contact your supplier.

Notes relating to table
1. Do not apply Librel Ca to fruit crops as a foliar spray. 2. Pasture and Fodder crops only. 3. Soil recommendations apply to acid soils only. 4. Do not mix with inorganic calcium compounds such as calcium nitrate. 5. Do not exceed a solution strength of 0.1% (1 gram per litre) when applying as a foliar spray to fruit crops. 6. The rates indicate upper and lower limits. Actual rates used will depend upon degree of deficiency, type and size of crop and environmental factors.

Small scale use – see notes above Soil application: Apply 2 – 10grams per 10m2 of the desired Librel chelate. Foliar application: Prepare a 0.1% solution (1 gram per litre) of the desired Librel chelate and apply to “run off”.

Soil Application
The appropriate amount of Librel chelate should be dissolved in a convenient volume of water to suit the application equipment and to ensure even ground coverage.

General Crops
Apply as a coarse low pressure spray immediately before the last cultivation prior to sowing or planting. Where crops are established, apply between the rows. Applications should be incorporated into the top few centimetres of soil as soon as possible after application.

Perennial Crops – Trees and Shrubs
Apply as a coarse low pressure spray in a wide circular band under the limit of the full branch spread. For best results, nutrients should be in the root zone before seasonal growth begins and this can be achieved by appropriate application and timing.

Foliar Application - General
The appropriate rate of Librel chelate should be dissolved in a convenient volume of water to suit the spraying machine being used and the target crop leaf area. Spraying machines should be fitted with nozzles which produce a fine spray quality. Only sufficient should be applied to coat leaves and stems with a film of solution with little or no “run off”. Spraying should be carried out on a calm day, but not during strong sunshine. The best time is late afternoon or evening, when atmospheric humidity is greatest. If rain is imminent, spraying should be postponed. If rain falls within 4 hours of spraying, the crop should be resprayed 3 or 4 days later.

Fruit Crops
Do not exceed a solution of 0.1% (1 gram per litre) for any one or combination of Librel chelates. Some fruit varieties and cultivars can exhibit unpredictable sensitivity to EDTA chelates. Where local experience of successful use is not available we strongly recommend small-scale test applications before wide-spread use.

Foliar application of Librel Ca to fruit crops is NOT recommended.

Wetting Agent
Where Librel chelates are to be applied alone (i. e. not with a pesticide containing sufficient wetter) it is essential that a non-ionic wetting agent be added at the recommended rate.

To obtain maximum benefit, foliar applications should be started as early as possible in the season as soon as there is sufficient leaf area to absorb the spray. Where ever possible repeat, low dose applications are preferable. Do not carry out foliar applications when crops are in flower. In the case of severe deficiencies applications may have to be repeated at 7 – 10 day intervals.

Irrigation - Fertigation
One or more Librel chelate, as required, should be injected into irrigation systems at a rate of 1kg per 10,000 litres of water until the appropriate soil application rates given in the table above have been attained. Repeat the application as necessary during the growth season.

To achieve 1ppm (1mg/I) of iron add 7.5 grams of Librel Fe Lo or 15 grams of Librel Fe-DP per 1,000 litres of circulating solution.

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