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A complex mixture of six trace elements, four are in the chelate form, two are not as they can not be chelated. The analysis is iron 3.35%, manganese 0.60%, copper 1.7%, zinc 0.88%, boron 0.88%, molybdenum 1.23%, the latter two trace elements being unchelated. Use as a root and foliar treatment for all plants to prevent and cure trace elements deficiencies. Particularly suitable for all ericaceous subjects and exhibition plants like chrysanthemums and dahlias which often show a trace element shortage. Garden Direct Soluble Plant Foods all contain this product and no more should be added, but under extreme conditions and a deficiency occurs, no harm will be done if given a foliar spray also. Add to other fertilizers, which do not contain all trace elements at 1 part to 100. Plants grown in the same container for many years should exhibit deficiencies and

should be treated. Use 100gms. / 20litres of water as a foliar spray (with wetter) or

100. / sq. m. of root area early in the season.

Contains Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper plus unchelated Boron and Molybdenum

Iron 3.35% Copper 1.7% Manganese 1.7% Boron 0.88% Zinc 0.88% Molybdenum 0.023%

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