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The principle use of iron sulphate is in moss killers, it is the active ingredient in lawnsand. The sand acts as a dilutant enabling the iron and other plant foods to be spread thinly and evenly over the lawn or grass. Iron sulphate can be used to acidify soils but it is not as effective as sulphur. It will be effective in neutral or slightly acidic soils and help correct chlorosis when caused by iron deficiency. Use in the Autumn to reduce pH. Add 200gms. per sq. m. to give a reduction of approximately 0.5 unit and 25gms. per bush on ericaceous shrubs where the pH is 6.5 or below to maintain a good supply of iron.

Most effective on neutral or slightly acidic soils, it helps to correct chlorosis. Rate of use: 4-8 oz. per sq. yd (136-272 g per sq.m)

Iron (Fe) 20%

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