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Fully soluble form puts the colour back into flower and vegetable greenery Magnesium can also be supplied by kieserite (see natural products) but is more commonly supplied by the re-crystallised soluble form known as epsom salts, which contain 9% Mg. Magnesium is a major plant food and symptoms of deficiency show in any plants – tomatoes, chrysanthemums and roses being amongst the commonest. It is usually present in compound fertilizers and is included in Garden Direct compost bases, B.T.D. and soluble fertilizers. Major deficiencies are best corrected with kieserite, but as a liquid feed of foliar spray use magnesium sulphate at 100gms. to 5 Litres of water.

Epsom Salts.This is a fully soluble form of magnesium.Foliar feeds are ideal - make up by mixing 2oz with a gallon (12g per litre) of water plus a wetting agent.Use for tomatoes once or twice a season to correct magnesium deficiency.Also good for chrysanthemums.

Magnesium (Refined Salt) 9%

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