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New and easy to use granules for correction and prevention of yellowing (chlorosis). Sequestered Iron is recommended for azaleas, camellias, conifers, heathers, magnolias, rhododendrons and all other ericaceous plants.  Also plants showing symptoms of iron deficiency e.g. alpines, top and soft fruit, roses, pot plants and all container grown plants.

Directions for Use:   Apply at any time of year, although Spring is best.  Apply uniformly over the root area.  Water in or wait for rain to activate the granules.  One application per year is usually adequate to prevent chlorosis.  If symptoms persist (usually on limey soils) repeat at monthly intervals until the problem is cured.  The following is a general guide and can be adjusted according to the size of the plants, degree of iron deficiency and extent of yellowing.

General rate:  ½ oz per sq. yd (20gms per sq. m) over the root area.  Use double for larger and older specimens.

 Pots and Containers:  Use a standard 5ml teaspoon.

Up to 12” diameter - ½ teaspoonful / 12”-18” diameter -1 teaspoonful / 24”-36” diameter -  2 teaspoonful

  Soil Conditioning - 

  • An Iron Chelate with magnesium and manganese on a clay mineral.
  • For correction and prevention of yellowing.
  • Trace element boost for all plants.
  • Easy to use, just sprinkle the granules.

 Analysis:  Iron (Fe) soluble in water, Chelated by EDDHA 2.0%, Magnesium Oxide (MgO), Soluble in Water 2.0% (Mg 1.2%), Manganese (Mn) 3.0%

 Iron Chlorosis (Yellowing) – This problem is usually induced by high pH or limey soils.  Sequestered Iron is a fast, effective method of preventing and correcting leaf chlorosis.  A more permanent solution to lowering the pH is the use of an acidifying agent.   Sulphur Chips are ideal for this purpose.

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