Autumn Lawn Feed



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Used in Autumn and Winter this lawn dressing is high in potash and phosphate content which ensures a strong root system and provides for vigorous growth when Spring arrives.It is also insurance against many of the problems that lush Winter growth could give.Use at 2oz. per sq.yd (68g per sq.m). One application in Autumn will help maintain good lawn colour throughout the colder season.

N.P.K. FERTILIZER 3 - 10 - 5.2 Nitrogen (N) 3% Phosphroic Acid Total (P2 05) 10% (P4.4) of which soluble in water (P2 05) 1% (P0.4%) of which insoluble in water (P2 05) 9% (P3.9%) Potassium Oxide (K2 0) 5.2% (K4.3%) solulbe in water

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