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Soluble lawn feeding represents the simplest and most economical way to achieve a lawn to be envied. Lawn Green contains 40% nitrogen in organic form plus potash and phosphates to produce a rich sward. Easy to apply and not containing a weedkiller, it is safe with children, pets and wildlife. For best results apply monthly at only ¼ oz.per sq.yd (9g per sq.m).

NPK Fertilizer 40-5-5

Nitrogen (N) 40% (Total)

Ureic Nitrogen 37%

Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 5% (P2.2%)

Soluble in Neutral Ammonium

Citrate and water

Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 5% (P2.2%)

Potassium Oxide (K2O) 5% (K4.2%)

Soluble in water

This is a high nitrogen soluble lawn feed of analysis 40-5-5, the nitrogen content coming primarily from urea. Being soluble it is easy to apply either by watering can, professional dilutor like the keylutor, mechanical applicator like the walkover or one of the many hose end dilutors. Other home made devices feeding by gravity from tanks or drums and applying evenly over the lawn are very successful. Having a high nitrogen content this is primarily for Spring and Summer use and can be used up to mid September with complete safety. And should not be used later as too much growth in autumn should not be encouraged, as emphasis switches to hardening up growth and encouraging roots for the next spring.
The normal rate of application is 7 gms. (¼ oz.) applied to each sq. yd of lawn, this can be repeated monthly from April to September to keep rich green growth.

 Lawn Green is supplied with a measure and makes application by watering can simple, it is suggested to use canes to mark out the area to be treated and ensure uniform distribution.

Lawn Green is free from weedkillers and therefore, safe to humans and all wildlife. Selective weedkillers are very effective at certain times of the year, particularly when growing rapidly, and more effective if applied as a separate treatment

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