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Lawn Sand contains iron sulphate.  The most economical and probably the most effective way to remove moss from the lawn. Lawn sand should be used as a first feed to not only kill off the moss, but also broad-leaved weeds.The nitrogen content will give a quick green up effect as it stimulates the grass.Repeat as needed with about four weeks between applications. 

3kg treats 37.5 sq. m
6kg treats 75 sq. m
20kg treats 250 sq. m

The most effective way to remove moss from lawns N Fertilizer Nitrogen (N) 5% Iron (Fe) 3%  A popular and probably the cheapest and most effective way to remove moss, lawn sand contains 5% nitrogen and 3% iron. The sand is present as a means of distributing the product evenly over a large area.  It is a good idea to use lawn sand as a first feed, it will largely eliminate moss in one application. Treat regularly if moss still persists. Lawn sand will also kill broad leaf weeds and some contact time is necessary, so do not water immediately, delay by a few hours or preferably overnight. The nitrogen content acts as a turf stimulant and will green grass. Repeat as necessary allowing about 4 weeks between treatments.

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