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Slow release organic form of Nitrogen.It is prepared for fertilizer use by crushing and grading and is a most useful form of slow release nitrogen nominally containing 12-14% N. The rate of conversion to available nitrates by soil bacteria depends upon the particle size. The dust becomes available quickly, but larger coarser pieces may take months to convert.  Hoof and horn meal can also be used as a base dressing for any flower or vegetable crop, applied early in the year at 2- 100gms . /sq. m, to provide a continuous flow of nitrogen throughout the season. Hoof and Horn is an expensive product, caused by high production costs and is now largely replaced by different forms of Ureaformaldehyde (nitroform) a manmade product, which based on relative nitrogen content is cheaper and of more uniform particle size, and, therefore, of more predictable nitrogen release.

A slow release organic form of NITROGEN, use as an early season dressing on flowers and vegetables.
Use in J.I. composts.

50 - 100 gms per square metre before planting out.

Nitrogen (N) 13.0%           

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