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High in magnesium (16%), natural salts and trace elements. Slow acting. Use all around the garden especially on chalk and acid soils. Is a naturally occurring form of magnesium sulphate, the largest deposits are found in Germany and other parts of Europe. It is mined, crushed and graded and as a higher magnesium content (16%Mg) then Epsom Salts (9%) and contains a large number of additional trace elements as it is a natural unrefined product. It is slow to dissolve and, therefore, ideal to put on soils in the Winter or early Spring. Use on the vegetable garden for exhibition growing of chrysanthemums, dahlias, leeks onions etc. Use on tomato beds for outdoor culture, which are frequently deficient in magnesium. Can also be used and is highly recommended for lime hating plants and is effective on chalky soils also. Rate of use 50-100 gms. /sq.m.

Naturally occurring mineral, high in magnesium also natural salts and trace elements. Slow acting and useful for Winter and early Spring. Use all around the garden, especially on chalk and acid soils.

RATE OF APPLICATION:  50 - 100gms per

Magnesium 16%

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