Seaweed Meal



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Thickens the lawn, improves clay soils and can also be used as a compost activator.

Seaweed is a traditional fertilizer and soil conditioner in coastal areas where very heavy dressing of up to 15/20 lbs./sq.yd. are not uncommon. As seaweed is principally water, the product may be more conveniently dried and pulverised to provide a concentrated form. Even this Seaweed Meal is very low in N.P.K. nutrient content and not much use as a traditional fertilizer. The major benefit is as a soil conditioner, source of trace elements and plant hormones. It contains alginates which bind soil particles together thereby improving drainage, and every trace element that is found in the sea.


Produced by crushing and drying raw seaweed, nothing is extracted except the water leaving an easy to handle natural product. Rate of use: 2oz per sq.yd (60g per sq.m) to strengthen and thicken the lawn. At 4oz per sq.yd (125g per sq.m) it will improve the fertility of clay soils. Can also be used as a compost activator.

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