FungusClear Ultra

Price:  £8.95




Ideal for spot treating at the first sign of disease – spray gets inside the plant’s sap stream to protect the whole plant, even newly emerging leaves


Cleaner air means that plant diseases are becoming a widespread problem to gardeners – they spread easily and can soon disfigure and stunt the growth of your decorative plants. Early treatment is the gardener’s key to keeping roses and other decorative flowers clear of disfiguring plant diseases that distort growth and cause ugly brown spots.

Nothing could be quicker to use or more convenient than FungusClear 2 Gun! It’s easy to carry around the garden while checking for the first signs of plant diseases such as blackspot on roses, powdery mildew on lilacs, phlox and zinnias and rust on the leaves of geraniums, hollyhocks and fuchsias.

FungusClear 2 Gun! fights existing disease infections and protects plants against future attack. It contains a systemic fungicide myclobutanil that gives control and protection against rose blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. It works quickly, killing diseases on con tact and then works systemically, getting inside the leaves to protect new foliage as it unfurls.


750ml Spot treatment


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