Rose Clear Ultra

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 Convenient hand sprayer for quick, effective treatment of the first signs of bugs and mildew as soon as they are noticed on roses, garden flowers and decorative shrubs, trees and climbers

Early treatment when you first notice the appearance of sap sucking pests or powdery mildew is the gardener’s key to keeping roses and other decorative flowers clear of disfiguring pests and mildew that distort growth and weaken your plants.

Nothing could be quicker to use or more convenient than RoseClear 4 Gun! It’s easy to carry around the garden while checking for the first signs of bugs and mildew. A quick convenient spray as soon as you see the first few greenfly or blackfly will help prevent them multiplying into a huge population that could weaken your plants and disfigure stems, leaves and buds. The same goes for other bugs such as whitefly, thrips, mealy bugs and red spider mite where early treatment will control populations and reduce plant damage.

RoseClear 4 Gun! contains sulphur, a mineral that occurs in nature which is combined with natural fatty acids to give a reduction in powdery mildew as well as give useful control of greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, mealybugs & Red Spider Mite. Sulphur is a protective fungicide. For best results apply a protective spray before disease infections are established. Repeat at 10 – 14 days intervals from April onwards.

Sulphur is a mineral that occurs in nature.  This form of sulphur is combined with natural fatty acids to give a reduction in Powdery Mildew, as well as to give useful control of Blackfly, Whitefly, Greenfly, Mealybugs, Thrips and Spider Mite.

Instructions for use:  for use only as a home garden fungicide and insecticide.

When to use:  Sulphur is a protective fungicide.  For best results apply a protective spray before infection is established.  Repeat at 10 – 14 intervals.

Where to use:  Use only on mature plants.  Use on roses and other indoor and outdoor ornamental and flowering plants.  DO NOT use on edible crops.

Warning:  Because of the wide range of species / cultivars which it is possible to treat, this product should be tested for safety on a small number of plants of any one species before making more widespread treatments.  It should be noted that certain species/ cultivars may be particularly susceptible to damage from sprays containing sulphur.  Do not use on young seedling plants, ferns or Dianthus spp.  Roseclear 4 Gun may leave a residue (sulphur) on the leaves once dry.  This will dissipate over time.

 How to use: Spray plants thoroughly to wet upper and lower surfaces of leaves.

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