Ant Stop

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For use only as a home/garden insecticide for the control of ants, cockroaches, earwigs and insect pests.  A fast acting spray that kills ants and other crawling insects on contact and gives long lasting protection against their return.

When to use:  As soon as you see the ants (or other crawling insects).

How to use:  To knock down and kill – spray directly at the insects at a distance of 30cm (1ft).  Pump the trigger with a regular action until the surface is damp but not wet. For Long Term Control:  Spray along surfaces where you have seen the insects active and around the places (e.g. doors, windows and skirting) where they are gaining entry.  To Control Fleas – treat the areas they typically inhabit gaps in furniture and carpets.  Repeat all treatments as soon as you notice any renewed activity.

If you are spraying valuable or delicate surfaces test the spray on a small, inconspicuous area before treating fully.  The protection provided by Ant Stop Gun will be reduced or ended if the sprayed area becomes wet or is washed.  For renewed protection treat the area again.  Do not apply to unprotected electrical equipment or the moving parts of any machinery, do not re-use container and do not apply on or around drains and protect from frost.


Pack Size Coverage
800  ml Spot treatment


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