Roundup Ready To Use







Contains glyphosate. A multi-action weedkiller killing roots as well, and is fully biodegradable. Roundup offers exceptional value and independent tests by a leading magazine found it offers twice the coverage per sq M. than other branded domestic weedkillers. The 1 litre pack will treat 1000sq. m. For successful treatment of those difficult weeds like couch grass, bindweed and ground elder, plus all annual broad-leaved and brush weeds.

Roundup Ready To Use Faster Acting Formula kills weeds and roots. This systemic weedkiller goes in through foliage and moves right down to the root tips to kill off the whole plant. Convenient trigger spray that has a dual nozzle on the 1 litre bottle for both standard and foaming spray, so you can see where you've treated. New unique 1.5 litre bottle for ultimate comfort, is designed to spray downwards. Economical 5 litre packs for larger areas. Leaves no harmful residues - allows replanting. Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas.

Glyphosate Ready to Use MAPP12915

Glyphosate Ready to Use kills docks, plantains, nettles, thistles, willowherbs, speedwells, grasses and many more. Being systemic, it is absorbed by the leaves and distributed throughout the weed, reaching right down to the roots.

When and where to use: for use on unwanted vegetation around the garden or on areas not intended to bear vegetation such as paths and drives. Do not use on the lawn unless you want to kill it! Use from February to September. For best effects, the weeds should be actively growing and have large leaf area allowing plenty of weedkiller to be absorbed. Avoid spray drift on to lawns and other desired plants. If it rains within 6 hours of application, effectiveness may be reduced and re treatment is recommended. Very persistent weeds may require repeated treatments once new growth appears. Effects will be seen on some weeds within a few days, but can take up to 4 weeks on some tougher varieties. Once the weeds have died, they can be dug into the soil, or composted and the area treated may immediately be re planted or sown with seed. Glyphosate Ready to Use breaks down naturally in the soil without leaving residues.

How to use: Cover weeds evenly hold the sprayer approximately 30cm from the ground and spray leaves lightly until wet, but avoid run-off of the liquid.

Guide: 1 litre treats 37 Sq. m (44 Sq. yds). Maximum number of applications: 2 per year. Keep children and pets away from treated areas until dry.

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