Roundup Weed Killer Gel

Price:  £11.50




New and unique Gel formulation - Precisely targets weeds in awkward places - Ideal for Flower beds, Vegetable plots, Flower pots and lawns. Gel stays where you apply it – on the weed - Kills the roots - Treats up to 1000 weeds* No contact with soil or other plants Single hand operation, one finger loading - Visible product level gauge on side of applicator Accurate, controlled, efficient, no waste.

TO OPEN: Squeeze the 2 blue cap lips at the side of the bottle and lift the cap. Remove the foil seal. Before first use, prime the GEL bottle by pressing the blue button around 20 times until GEL appears at the top of the bottle AFTER USE: Place the cap back on the bottle and press to snap the cap onto the bottle. How to use Push/click the button to release the gel.  When to use  leaves have unfolded fully in late spring. Leave Restrictions:  areas until the product has dried. hours of application reduces effectiveness and repeat treatment may be necessary.

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