SBK Brushwood Killer

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SBK Brushwood Killer A tough weedkiller that has become the household brand for the effective control of brambles, thistles, nettles, dock, woody weeds and unwanted saplings. It can also be used to kill off tree stumps.

SBK is formulated to kill weeds and not grass and can be used safely in turfed areas. It is also ideal for treating neglected, non-crop areas.

Available in a variety of pack sizes, SBK should be used as follows:

Tough weeds and hardwood saplings: May ~ October

Woody weeds: June ~ August

Tree stumps: Autumn/Winter

Apply according to instruction on the pack depending on the weeds/saplings/stumps to be treated. Allow at least six weeks between applications and re-planting.

Pack Size- 500 ml – Treats up to 170 m2
Contains: Triclopyr

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